Emergency Response Solutions

Emergency Response Technology Is An All-Or-Nothing Proposition

Countless communities don’t need or can’t afford what the vendors are selling, and aren’t even able to use them on their personal mobile devices.

Calling For Help Is Only Half The Battle

Emergency communications really start to get messy after the call for help has been placed.

When Things Fall Apart, We’re Left to Our Own Devices

911 is always one catastrophe away from being overwhelmed; local communities will always fill in the gaps, whether or not they’re prepared to.

To solve these problems, we’ve built


Custom Emergency Response in the Palm of your Hand

A hybrid mobile-web dispatcher platform for emergency responders to manage their own response networks using whatever devices are available

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Any Emergency

A robust, scalable, do-it-yourself emergency communications platform – “911 for everyone”


Accessible on any mobile device using push notification or SMS, with or without Internet

Under Any Circumstances

Design custom response workflows using drag-and-drop functionality (because everybody does it a little differently)

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Built by paramedics for responders anywhere.

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