There’s always more than one way to do something

Choreograph the chaos with a Quixote script


Scripts are how we manage repetitive problems in predictable ways. So much of life is repetitive, but as the famous singer once sang, Life has surprises, and the surprises have life, making even the most mundane tasks prone to error.


Scripts take away a lot of the guesswork by breaking down any repeatable task into its most elemental components, and scripting the road to take you there, and the contingencies to deal with any that might happen to pop up. Take for example, Quixote’s original Script: 9-1-1 where there is none.

Emergency Medical Dispatch (how to call an ambulance)

The process for emergency medical response is like any other supply-demand management process.


A need is identified


The request is relayed


Resources are selected


Tasks are completed


Patients are transported


The job is completed

The trick is being able to map out each step, including contingency plans for any potential kinks in the system – for example, “Cannot locate the patient”.

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